How the Unbiblical
Spiritual Warfare
Movement is

Enslaving Believers

Ignacio Rovirosa

The so-called modern day spiritual warfare movement has invaded the local church. It has come in quietly and has done great damage to many sound churches. This truly Unbiblical teaching has come in the form of self help programs, Christian Psychology, addiction programs, and many others. Is Spiritual Warfare valid today? In the true Biblical sense it is, but in the modern day version it is nothing more than an attempt to channel demons as well as another way to blame others for our own actions.

What is the modern day spiritual warfare movement?

What forms does it come in?

Who is involved?

Is it dangerous?

Who is at risk?

How secure is the believer?

These questions and many others are answered from the Biblical perspective of one who has experienced firsthand the damages caused by this truly ungodly teaching. There have been lives lost as a result of this teaching and many others who have been spiritually, emotionally, and physically harmed. Has this teaching invaded your local church? This book will prove that the teachings of the modern day spiritual warfare movement truly are Bondage Makers.